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    About Vacation Rentals

    What is vacation rental?
    This is a term used by travel industry to identify rented furnished houses with short term basis. This practice is very popular both in Europe and Canada. However they have become extremely popular around the world. Some people might address this practice as villa rentals or self-catering. There are a number of countries in the world like Ireland, France, Spain and England whose governments promote and certify that practice at the same time. Vacation rental program is also available on some of them

    Vacation rental is a widely known as villa rental in the land of Europe. In this case, your client will rent their vacation property out for a fixed amount of time. There are a number of people who rent these houses in a nightly basis, pretty much similar to a hotel room. On the other hand, the practice that is more frequently used in this business is weekly based rentals. The actual vacation rental does not mean that you sell the property, instead the guest will use it in predetermined amount of time.
     Positive and negative of vacation rentals

    There are several reasons why vacation rental is more appealing nowadays. Some of those reasons are caused by cost savings, no tips, no taxes, no service charge and furthermore more space can be rented which are associated with what you can find in hotel rooms. Vacation rentals and villa has their own kitchen with full cooking set, living rooms that can be used to gather up your family and is offering the comfort of living in a soaked local rhythm neighborhood. In United States, living in a hotel means that you are enjoying the advantage of brand recognition, on site staff to help you 24/7 and familiar reservation process. When you decide to book a vacation rental. It means that you have prepare yourself to step out of comfort zone and taste the life in country site fully.  It is also at the same time can be considered as the downside of using vacation rental. By using vacation rental, you are agree to meet with the owner directly, considering the property’s cleanliness, lack of onsite staff as well as familiarizing yourself with the property. However, this problem has recently been solve by renting the villa through any vacation rental agencies. These rental agency will manage every vacation properties for their owners as well as preparing anything you need on site.

    The benefit of renting vacation property, at some point, can outweigh its negative potential. If you are asking why, the answer is obviously because of more space is rented (more bedroom, kitchen and living room), convenient location (traditional neighborhood, near the beach or ski center), more amenities (full set cooking equipment, hot tubs and fireplace) and the best thing of all is you will get more privacy compared to when you live in a hotel.
    Vacation rental might range from gaudy studio apartment to extravagant, lavish private villa situated in the world most prestigious location along with thousands of bucks price tags. You can also find the amenities of luxurious accommodation like private beaches, chefs, boats, fully staffed and many other to make your vacation become a lot more wonderful.

    Vacation rental can be foud nearly in most US states and major tourism object in California, Hawaii, North Carolina and Florida. The market for vacation rental is a lot bigger in Europe compare to the one in United States as it has been a common travelling option for European people.
    Vacation Rental Managers

    A number of property owner has contracted management of vacation Rental Company in order to take care their villas. These management companies will sell your property to the one who needed them as well as providing any necessary information like photos or video and handling the billing and reservations on the stead of homeowner’s. They also will handle small details like property maintenance, housekeeping and guest check-ins.
    A large number of those company is the member of and additionally, there are some property rental management company who only deal with vacation rental agencies/brokers which specialize in renting vacation property.
    Listing aggregators and services

    There are many agencies which specialize in vacation/villa rentals and more than a half of those company can be contacted via the internet. Reputable vacation rental agency is the one who familiar will the properties and regions they represent and have official rental/booking agreements and standardized cancellation policies, booking procedures, etc.
    In addition, vacation rental are also being offered through famous vacation web portals like,, and many more. Aggregators typically is going to give you some information based on what has been provided by the owners but they bear no legal document or information accuracy. Furthermore, because of listing service cannot verify the rightness of their data, you as guest is encouraged to seek additional information from past renters as well as asking lease agreement to pay the owner directly.

    Because every vacation rental property owner has their own payment of deposit requirement, key pick-up procedures, cancellation policies other details, you have to contact the owner’s agent or the property’s owner to book your desired villa. Guest who books directly from the vacation owners or listing service may get the advantage of lower rental rates.